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It's time to enroll!

Open Enrollment begins October 1st and ends on October 31, 2021.

During this time, employees are eligible to enroll in the  Medical & Dependent Care FSA and/or Commuter Benefits programs. Please note that interested employees should contact the Payroll Department to enroll.  


Flexible Spending Accounts

FSA Elections for both medical and child care need to be made each year within the following contribution parameters:

  • Medical Care FSA: $250 minimum / $2,750 Maximum ($2,500 if married filing separately)

  • Dependent Care FSA: $250 Minimum / $5,000 Maximum

Commuter Benefits

Parking & Transit Commuter Benefits must adhere to the IRS maximum allowance of the following:

  • Parking Account: Up to $270 per month

  • Transit Account: Up to $270 per month

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